• Four Storey Building
  • Campus with more than 3 acres of land
  • 25 Classrooms
  • New Annex Building Work in progress
  • Array of Separate Washrooms for Girls & Boys

Hostel Accommodation

Hostel accommodation will be provided to both girls and boys subject to Availability. Also there are a number of paying guest facility near our campus.

Campus wide Voice Addressing

Entire campus is equipped with Voice Addressing System for passing information to the students directly and instantaneously.

Visitors Launch

A well furnished Visitors Launch as a waiting amd resting place for all visitors. This is near directors cabin.

Sick Room

A separate sick room for the use of student those who may feel some kind of illness. Such students will be firstly moved to sick room before directing to health centre or any other hospitals.

Power Backup

A powerful Generator gives power backup to entire campus. We are having a three phase electric connection. In any case of power failure entire campus is supported by this generator.


The entire campus is under 24 hour security system. There is security cabin near the Main Gate and every in and out are monitored by them. Late comings and early goings are completed controlled by them.

Survilience Cameras

The entire campus is under 24 hour survilience by more than 40 cameras. These are controlled and monitored from Directors cabin. This is an added security feature.

Parking Area

A very spacious parking area for students and staff vehicles. Currently students' two-wheelers are permitted to park inside the campus. Most of the parking area are provided with a ceiling also.

Wi-Fi Enabled Campus

The entire campus is supported by an unlimited Internet connection and is made availble through Wi-Fi in the entire campus. Currently campus Wi-Fi usage permission is not granted to the students.

Automated Bell System

Bell ringing system is entirely automated. The device will automatically rings the bell and the voice is distributed to all classrooms through our Voice Addressing System. The same system is also used to play our morning prayer and National Song in the evening.

Cooled & Filtered Drinking Water

Cooled & Filtered Drinking water is made available on all floors. Students can have or collect drinking water from just near their classes.


We are having a campus branch of Sate Bank of India situated in the Farook College(sister institution) campus at a distance of 200 meters from ours. There are two other banks near to our campus at a distance of 100 meters.


There are three ATMs with withdrawal deposit facility near our Campus. One is by State Bank of India, second one by Punjab National Bank and third one by Axis Bank.

Post Office

A Post Office is situated near our campus at a distance of 400 meters. Along with their usual services, they are providing banking service also especially for our campus students.